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Sunday, October 25, 2015


To whom can we give patents for keeping ears on the sides of the head foreseeing the future utility for acting as a firm holder of spectacles; to whom would you give patents for growth of nails foreseeing their many uses ,including removing micro sd memory cards. My views on patent laws have been the same in terms of my firm prejudice and I wrote a detailed article way back in 90s in the Indian Express when I used to write regularly for them because the vada at Indian express estate used to be very good at that time [available only from 3 to 4 p.m] It was not even in their canteen a special arrangement a mami used to come make them hot. I was given a privilege of sitting inside deputy editor's room and either write or dictate. One of the topics I very virulently wrote about was on patent laws because when the deputy commissioner of British Council arranged a meeting with a leading publisher for my reverse dictionary work. He asked me whether I had followed all royalty issues. I told him straight on the face
1. You can reject the work straight I have no issues.
2. Can you prove a single dictionary that is not copied?
3. I have never claimed to have created any words or letters or even usage.
4. I am not going to ask for any money
5. I feel this concept will help especially journalists, writers and students etc but unfortunately he did not understand the concept at all.
Then one gentleman the chief English studies officer of British council Mr. Robert Bellarmine came knocking at my door next day at 7 a.m at that time I was staying at perambur no phone, no mobile he asked for my address the previous day. Took me in his car and told me he is going to write a detailed article explaining the concept of reverse dictionary in The Hindu and told me if he sends it they would publish it and it will then create awareness. He wanted me to give certain inputs and emphasis. He did write an excellent article then followed it by recommending me to some 25 publishers from all of whom I got very prompt and pleasant refusal letters. Coming back to this patent biz I have managed to collect some bits of them and posted them in my blogs here are the two links…/intellectual-property-……/patent-laws-copy-right…

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