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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Arun Shourie's observations and Jaggi's Concerns

With all respects to all senior leaders who are not holding any post in Government and to all paranoiac diagnosis and analysis of Modi not doing much on perception front, as human being and a as an Indian let me set it straight.


1. Performance speaks for itself and does not require certificates from enemies, frenemies, frustrated seniors craving for posts and attention, least of all from India’s English media.

2. This performance has in fact effected such a paradigm shift in the very perception of Indian politics that every political party, every state, every politician is feeling the need to at least talk about economic development. Not the perception quotient that media wants.

3. Sheer strength and magnitude of whatever performance has taken place has been because at last we have a leader who as Barbara Marciniak said, “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

4. There is no need to hanker after media certificates and it is not government’s business nor priority to waste energy, time and money on media management which it is high time that media houses did it themselves otherwise they will be totally swept away by social media.

5.  Magnanimity and honesty requires helping, appreciating or at least acknowledging many positives and progressive measures and activities that have happened in all spheres of economy. Actually the list is much more than all the past 60 years put together in terms of its positive long term impact on economy. Every player cannot be in the playing eleven.

6.  Bulb inside the lamp post which helps you to find your house by remaining far away must not be feeling left out and find fault with the bulb inside your drawing room. On the contrary it must feel proud that helped to show the way and that there is light inside the room than darkness which was the case for almost 6 decades.

 7. Meaning is injected when we emphasis substance over superficiality; performance over mere planning and projections; actions over tall talk; properly prioritizing things even if they are not politically correct [may not get brownie points in terms of vote garnering gimmicks- an obsession of next election minding politicians].

8. Modi wants to inject substance into every area of Indian governance and sincerely and seriously prefers to push that over superficiality.

He is improving the image and importance of every vital institution to enhance its credibility in the eyes of all through certain restructuring process involving justification through transparent and ethically high standards for those institutions at all levels.

Closing down certain institutions which have outlived their relevance, like The Planning Commission of India.

Getting rid of many outdated laws and practices like attestation by gazetted officers etc.

9. Modi wanted to ensure delivery of benefits to the deserving for example   started it by opening bank accounts for millions who never knew what it was,  made people voluntarily give up subsidies, started Swatch Bharath, Digital India, Insurance and pension for many etc.

Started new and improved institutions to ensure transparent, efficient and better governance and quick delivery like NITI AAYOG etc

10. To any unbiased observer the present government of India irrespective of whichever party is ruling, whoever is the leader or whoever is taking credit for all that is happening, as a nation, India is doing certain things with long term vision which are very good and vital for not only the economic development, governance etc but for the very sustenance of faith in the institutions of governance, delivery of necessary things for decent life of all and overall sustained growth of civilized life.


 I am a great fan of Arun Shourie and have made it a point to read all his articles [given in link below] which gives us an idea of the inevitable metamorphosis of the individual for various reasons. Here are his articles and I wish he makes his book ‘Does He Know a Mother’s Heart?’ freely available on the net because there his heart speaks loudly and his mind seeks intelligent answers, in his usual unbiased very intelligent ways, to the noise of his heart.


Seniors render your advice by all means  to ministers/departments but do not address MSM and please know why?

1. I have great respect for Arun Shourie for various reasons and therefore value his suggestions, advises and veiled criticisms.

2. Government of India had a late marriage between Government and Governance after six decades and wants to deliver a worthy baby called economic development with all its concomitant boons and banes.

3. Just because of late marriage we cannot expect baby in two months.
4. Government is not village festival where everybody who is somebody has to be pleasantly welcomed, paid adequate attention and given enough importance.
5. Seniors’ advice is welcome and they should convey it directly to the minister /department concerned rather than addressing main stream media- the least credible and most active anti-development institution who end up using everyone and every event as a tool to divert attention from real issues and delay progress of the nation.
6. Indian media [MSMs] has stopped long back reporting facts or giving sane analysis but only twits statements and facts to suit interpretations tailor made to their confirmation bias which is anti-Modi and they do it under the presumption that they are the exclusive privileged opinion peddlers forgetting the social media exposes MSM’s dubious designs.
7. Humble appeal to all seniors not to desperately seek attention and preferably accept the inevitable known as graceful retirement.

8. Next generation players and leaders have to be groomed with on field experience. It is not like classical music circuits where some senior and well known artists give concerts even beyond seventy years and their disciples go beyond sixty years without ever getting a chance to perform alone.
9. I cried reading Arun Shourie’s great work ‘Does He Know a Mother’s Heart?’ packed with pensive information from scriptures, practical wisdom and penetrative intellectual perception and it helped me realize that everything in life cannot be subjected to mere dry intellectual analysis alone

10. Let not senior leaders whom everyone respects become a tool to sensationalism and scandal marketers otherwise called as India’s MSMs

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