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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Award wapsies

Award Wapsi is good

We must appreciate their unflinching loyalty transcends beyond mere gratitude in to something bordering on blind obedience-euphemism for servitude- in the process their self declaration of ideological and political identity, affiliation and exposes themselves that it [loyalty] was the reason why they got the awards. 

This is victory as we know the influence of political link and patronage of one family and leftists in all domains be it science, arts, music ,literature etc imagine in business. 

Govt must immediately give it to more deserving people who have been omitted before for ideological reasons. More than anything else the GOI intelligence agencies must be used in full swing to expose the NGO-Media-Left mafia nexus along with all these so called awardees who are wrongly labeled as Indian intelligentsia.

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