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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Substance over superficiality-reforms and restructuring

Very well written by someone who has been in the thick of the activity /issue about which there is a huge debate.

His hands on experience, expertise and observations come very handy to explain things to every common man and are therefore very more valuable.

However, I have an objection to one particular sentence even an issue concerning education. It must read instead as ‘ in great , important and vital issues like education’ because the very situation we are in now, is due to  lack of importance given to education and also lack of proper  education, [please let us not confuse education with academic qualifications, knowledge and information in specific fields] and propensity to exercise authority which forces many to fail to take into consideration various factors [which includes the obvious relevance of context in all its aspects like global expectation from/of an evolved democracy].

Real education ensures following ethical standards expected in deciding over all professional/public/social/institutional matters and all these with humanitarian considerations and environmental concerns.

MODI’s clarity of perception and vision are excellent in terms of not only knowing what the wrongs with India [as a nation in terms of its political journey in the past 6 decades] are but also prioritizing in addressing to rectify those wrongs over everything else.

He knows the wrongs are poverty, lack of governance, hygiene and overall development.

Modi is going about doing all things that are  need to be done to correct these wrongs and how to do it through inevitable long term plans because the rot created over 6 decades cannot be totally corrected even in six years.

In this process he is carrying on every activity relentlessly one by one addressing every detail ensuring the participation of many except the hardcore anti-development brigade and certain media houses who get their sustenance by anti-developmental projections.

Meaning is injected when we emphasis substance over superficiality; performance over mere planning and projections; actions over tall talk; properly prioritizing things even if they are not politically correct [may not get brownie points in terms of vote garnering gimmicks- an obsession of next election minding politicians].

He wants to inject substance into every area of Indian governance and sincerely and seriously prefers to push that over superficiality.

He is improving the image and importance of every vital institution to enhance its credibility in the eyes of all through certain restructuring process involving justification through transparent and ethically high standards for those institutions at all levels.

Closing down certain institutions which have outlived their relevance, like The Planning Commission of India.

Getting rid of many outdated laws and practices like attestation by gazetted officers etc.

He wanted to ensure delivery of benefits to the deserving for example   started it by opening bank accounts, made people voluntarily give up subsidies, started Swatch Bharath, Digital India, Insurance and pension for many etc.

Started new and improved institutions to ensure transparent, efficient and better governance and quick delivery like NITI AAYOG etc

To any unbiased observer the present government of India irrespective of whichever party is ruling, whoever is the leader or whoever is taking credit for all that is happening, as a nation, India is doing certain things with long term vision which are very good and vital for not only the economic development, governance etc but for the very sustenance of faith in the institutions of governance, delivery of necessary things for decent life of all and overall sustained growth of civilized life.

However the present Government did two great mistakes:-

One , the government has failed in informing in easily understandable terms and educating the public about the long terms benefits, inevitable changes and short term inconveniences in the forms of adjustments to be made to achieve those long term goals etc or probably it was too na├»ve to believe that media would be interested in imparting information in national interest and still not investigating scam of UPA  Govt using tax payers’ money to sponsor the trips abroad along with PM MMS of only certain select private media houses why? And also why government has not yet probed all links of all media personalities because of their pronounced anti- India tirade? These must be done in national interest because the media is a greater security threat both internally and internationally.

Two, failed to put a gag on all outfits that are trying in all seriousness or claiming to address issues relating to the wrongs caused to India over wrong portrayals of India and its civilization. These are not our priority now and the worst part is these activities become a very easy tool for media that assigns labels, propels propaganda and tags everything to the government in power; even the ones engineered by their pay masters and these also give room to divide Indian society to facilitate consolidated vote banks of divided groups.

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