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Sunday, October 25, 2015



                                                         Tact over Talent

I remember reading a short story for my daughter when she was 5 years old.

Billionaire lady and her trusting only her dog’s judgment.

It was about a billionaire lady who bought anything only if her dog wagged its tail in joy and also wanted to lick it.

Once she asked a great artist to paint her portrait saying she would pay a million dollar but he must do that just by looking at her for 10 minutes. He agreed, used the costliest paints and sacrificed his sleep on that day and did a great work. She came next day with her dog as the dog did not like the smell of paint and did not even come near the painting she refused to take it.

The disappointed artist asked why? Then she said she goes only by her dog’s approval of wagging tail and licking it.

At once the artist realized the futility of his talent. He pleaded with the lady to come the following day by which time he said he would give some finishing touches and assured that she would definitely like it.
He went out got meat sauce, smeared it on the portrait where he had drawn her lips with lipsticks.

Next day when she entered the artist’s gallery the dog literally pranced towards the portrait wagging its tail and licked the lips on the portrait non-stop. 

The lady paid million dollars and the artist realized tact was more important than talent in certain situations.

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