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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Genome mapping

‘Prevention is better than cure’ but what is prevention? It is preparedness with appropriate and adequate data and using relevant activities or technologies to ensure maximum extent of prevention.
On an average most Indians spend at least one to two lakhs on wedding ceremonies. If the same amount spent on 5 year old child of your can make you take all the preventive care for most of the probable diseases, disorders and biological difficulties that your child is likely to face in life would not you spend on that.
Most Indian spend a lot on death ceremonies too which continue for many years.
Think of all these cumulative expenses and choose to do something more positive.
Knowledge and truth is real empowerment, prevention, protection, best tool for planning especially in the field of genome mapping it will act a blue print or ready reference manual for treatment and even insurance policies can be suitably designed either in terms of loading or reducing premiums.

Benefits for a common man are Genome map analysts, specialist doctors in specific fields, hospitals, insurers all together along with the individual can make an authentic evaluation of probable health or disease.  

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