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Sunday, October 25, 2015


Indian Intelligentsia -it is an insult to India as well as wrong usage of the word Intelligentsia .Unless you have the correct definition you can be always wrong.
These arachnids reporters and paid media wallas are crawling from cobwebs of ideologies safely secured in the attics of museum for fossil genetic samples.
Do not label as intelligentsia a group of puerile persons, putrefying propaganda peddlers with petrified ideologies.
At best some of them are academically qualified people misusing the media manifesting their two ailments one verbal diarrhea.
Two irresistible itch to sit on judgment on everyone and everything by resorting to manufacturing information to twisting facts to repeating sensational interpretations etc to suit their opinions which are invariably pre-determined by their pay masters.

So please do not label them as Indian intelligentsia, though unfortunately most popular media houses are infested with these types of creatures. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Balayogi, how true. When one sees these pseudo intellectuals lecturing in media you can well gauge the hollow rhetoric and intent that augurs no direction to his fellow countrymen.Integrity is fundamental to character as knowledge of the self to one,s responsibility in life(to contribute to make this world a better place to live in).