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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Is ORKUT coming back?

Is ORKUT coming back?

Orkut went out in the first place because as per international surveys it had more than 80% of only juvenile stuff and that too of stereotyped sharing.

In my opinion , in a way that was catering to children between 8 to 16 or 18 years and could have continued as a platform for them .

Now, WhatsApp is flooded by more juvenile GM msgs and all sorts negative , humourless memes [mostly stereotyped ones and themes being predicatbly political stuff or some filmy gossip or routine refrains of glories on different religious outfits] .

Actually it is full of FORWARD class who keep forwarding even without reading it. Like some Suresh kumar is brain dead and his kidneys have been available for the past 2 years on WhatsApp!!!

The problem is not with any platform but the users fault and lack of original content.

Almost all platforms are starved of original content.

Like our Indian films and serials, they are caught in a vicious circle where the viewers blame the producers trends and commercial constraints and the producers blame the viewers tastes and demands and as a result we never have serials like Lie to Me, Big bang, Grey's Anatomy, House, Castle, Bold and Beautiful.

We are struck between new nonsense and sensational stereotypes and trite traditions.

We don't have the mentality to allow transition from traditions and tested trends into the terrain of transformation especially in the field of entertainment and social media content.

We  are all aware that everyone is racing  against time without the luxury of  leisure time , except the blessed retired people , and therefore attention span is shrinking  too much that we are going back to Avaiyar the first SMS creator  and Tiruvalluvar the first Twitter creator.

I have been suggesting to our lethargic tourism department to make short documentaries on many  wonderful places in India and its many traditions and cultures like [ what an excellent work that 5 individuals as a team do].

We have  youth with immense potential and energy but without guidance, encouragement and freedom to pursue  their passions.

No doubt the world at present has immense opportunities for those who are street smart and /or focused but then there are equally powerful constraints  of  financial investment  and  socio-religio-cultural presssures.

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