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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Indian Diplomacy

"India's diplomacy...Its desire to not to lose any opportunity to lose an opportunity remains intact'.- Swapan Dasgupta in 'India missed yet another opportunity at commonwealth meet' in TOI 22nd April 2018 page 20

Status quo addicts who cannot  get out of their comfort zones which lead to passive acceptance or being a passive witnesses.

Assertiveness is lacking in bureaucracy unless it is for protection or promotion of self interest.

Besides, we are fond of  seeking endorsement by the West why?

We need not exhibit excessive reactions of  either a xenophile or a xenophobe.

By nature and nurture most Indians are humble, simple and humanitarian which is construed as submissive and subdued behavior.

We are not proactively aggressive , we are perhaps aggressive only when we react.

We succumb too much to comfort zones and job security and, are therefore, prone not to take  great risks.

So, even ordinary bureaucrats and officers in any government office will prioritize non-committal cautiousness over  any adventurism and diplomatically avoid taking even the slightest risk and hence no new or bold decision making  takes place.

Any change needs political approval and , in addition , unfortunately, now pay masters' sponsored  media approval too.

This being the case and also the fact that most of our bureaucrats have  emerged out of the education systems which have constantly suppressed pride in nationalism  and native culture which are, of late,  even branded  condescendingly as 'hyper nationalism' by main stream media mafia. 

The fact is Indian diplomats are far more talented and knowledgeable but unfortunately they were  at the mercy of political lobbies and now in addition they are afraid of media mafias.

Besides, most of them are from previous political dispensations where sycophancy alone attracted patronizing favoritism [ read as plum postings].

The die is cast in the mould and neither the petrified mould nor the caste dies in Indian bureaucracy.  

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