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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Great State in grave danger

Great State in grave danger

Mass hysteria has to be fought only through mass education and economic development.

Sir I fully agree this so called false propaganda of Aryan Dravidian divide has been effectively used to brain wash, mesmerize and create a mass hysteria by vested interest groups.

These groups are basically anti- Hindu and anti-national at heart and some of them get overseas funding too.

Their hidden agenda is to fool the gullible public who, unfortunately have not been sensitized or made literate by others through creation of  sensible, impactful, intelligent and tangible, materially  and financially beneficial results delivering counter narratives and activities which could have veered away the majority of the population.

There were isolated islands of individuals and families who migrated to Maharashtra [to be more precise Mumbai for education and job in the late 70s] and after that they did similar thing but only the geography changed they migrated to USA, MIDDLE EAST and SINGAPORE to secure at least their future but they never bothered to contribute back to their own relatives who could not or did not migrate.

Mass hysteria mania manipulators know that any real education or economic development will weaken their status quo and therefore, they will use all their might to sabotage any economic development activity, any education of truth and any other form of entertainment other than films.

Their  modus operandi is stereotyped and obvious it starts with victim hood peddling, regional and linguistic chauvinism and protest against any developmental activity.

If this trend continues then TN will become another Kerala or West Bengal where one can learn, earn, come up in life or improve their status only when they leave the state.

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