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Thursday, March 22, 2018



Sometime in early 2000 I was woken up by a strange dream that water crisis was choking me.

Then, for the next 4 months I read loads and loads of material about water from it science to its geopolitical dimensions.

Interacted with some water molecular biologists too who had highly scientific knowledge who answered my questions logical and illogical, feasible and impossible etc.

Still, some sort of vagueness haunted me for which I could not get easily comprehensible answers to ordinary mortals like me.

So, I decided to just create a Water Diary of facts, I think in 2003 when UN declared it as international year of Fresh water.

Which I later on made it into a blog in 2007

Why I am mentioning this here is because way back in the early 90s itself  many world leaders and environmental scientists across the globe knew about the impending water crisis and surprisingly only some dictators acted on it to create solutions.

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