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Monday, March 19, 2018

MSM needs to be countered with inundation of facts

Ignorant media generated idiotic narratives dominate the debate and therefore the overall ill informed frames of references leads to wrong perception.

These are further exaggerated by the vested interest groups and lobbies.

So, in reality these perceptions have to be broken through sensible, data backed and logical counter narratives which explain the long-term benefits synchronizing with both existing imperatives and emerging trends in global economic scenario.

This must be the approach by the political dispensation without slipping into the traps of ideological counter reactions.

This requires delivery of real performance leading to desired outcomes.

Besides, there are many erring CMs and outfits of BJP itself which also needs to be checked as peoples’ awareness and expectations are increasing everyday and nothing can get hidden for long from them.

Therefore, a team is working on some long pending really important issues and programs for TN, KARNATAKA and Rajasthan.

The process is a very interesting learning curve where the best brains and technocrats have spoiled the system with their excessive silence and indifference on one side and the din of vociferous perverted media narratives have totally masked the facts and reality.

The task is tall here, all the more with hostile main stream media.

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