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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why is there increasing number of drug addicts and suicides among the youth

Why is there increasing number of drug addicts and suicides among the youth -rich or not so poor and academically qualified people?

Any topic I normally throw into the cauldron of life in context as it is happening now along with all that has happened and churn it with a churn staff or kirn swee of contextually relevant observations.

The problem of suicides, drugs addictions etc are individual hyper reactions and of course some social contributory factors or to be more precise a vicious cycle of social problem wherein everyone in society is equally responsible.

Let us not bury them under certain convenient and cautious escapist lofty abstract meta terminologies like moral obligations, social responsibility, political issue and so on.

In fact they are individual and social problem involving individual and social responsibilities.

So start seriously attending to this problem or we may end up having a society of mentally depressed, frustrated youth seeking drug addiction or other escape routes.

Now let us see what these social problems which create a system and how obvious or hidden is our role in that chaos.

Social problem is a social system enabling not only easy availability and accessibility of all drugs to all;

Social problem is a social system that does not emphasize values of life -which have nothing to do with religion, any religious practices or political ideology;

Social problem is a social system which over emphasizes the survival aspect of life to the total indifference of the living aspect of life;

Social problem is a social system where many irrelevant things are promoted as if they contribute something great to life;

Social problem is a social system where the importance of sense of balance is not taught by anyone; [1]

Social problem is a social system where the following are also not emphasized i.e. the importance of not bartering with sanity and common sense for anything, especially, not to resort to or to react with too much of aggression, violence, frustration and depression  against any provocation or instigation or succumb to any mass mania or propaganda or brain washing techniques-in all these cases the individual life is exploited by the mass mania or propaganda programmers;

Social problem is a social system where there is excessive sensationalism, politicization and activism on social issues doted out by many outfits with media playing a highly negative and lopsided role in selectively projecting everything only to provoke and create a sense of victim hood; [2]  

Social problem is a social system is one wherein  at home, at school and in society at large children are not allowed to freely communicate what they feel. Only then all others can know what children need? What their interests are? and What they want to do? 

Social problem is a social system which does not realize that only when there is a open interaction with children we can know about them and suggest, guide, interact or if allowed also teach them;

Social problem is a social system wherein the elders of the society are not willing to accept the fact that the tastes and interests of adolescents can change at anytime;

Social problem is a social system where family elders, in worse situations appealing publicity and media propaganda end up deciding socially approved, religious sanctioned, culturally liked, commercially successful models of ready-made life styles and force youth to follow them almost in all spheres of life;

Social problem is a social system that this may produce many ‘monks who may sell their Ferraris’ or many youths who may commit suicide;

Social problem is a social system  where  the family and  the society at large have failed to  enhance serious and sincere communication on topics concerning life which are by the way many in number, beyond just money, marriage, politics, religion, profession, academic qualification, commercial success etc;

Social problem is a social system where this void created by lack of communication concerning matters more relevant to everyday life or life as it is encounter everywhere. 

This lack of communication is a vulnerability that is exploited by political and ideological activists and social engineers and religious dispensations for enhancing their own agenda. 

Among these, political activism is a more visible manifestation which can cage an individual psychologically and emotionally while making him gloat over in a false sense of pampered comfort and this process actually unwinds the wisdom of life, education and everything that stands to enhance life to a better standard. 

This was put across very well by Swapan Dasgupta, my favorite writer on 24th Jan in Times of India in his article titled ‘Our universities are out of touch with Young India’, “There is an important distinction between intellectual ferment and frenetic activism that goes by the name of student politics. The quest for ideas leads to the sharpening of the mind; activism on the other hand reduces the mind to unflinching certitudes and vacuous slogans. More often than not, the latter defeats the purpose of education”. 

Social problem is a social system involving the above which put in  other words is the hypo intelligent , like our media houses, exploiting the hyper hormonal, hyper emotional, hyper sensitive vulnerable youth for some hidden agenda.

Social problem is a social system that does not allow us to realize that each person whom we see in body [made of biochemical organism] with a name [identification label] is just an outer view of a totally independent and individual soul/spirit or personality with various inherited, inevitable, indoctrinated, inherent aspirations and acquired attitudes with capacity to react and manifest various emotions with varying perspectives and levels of perceptions ;

Social problem is a social system that does not acknowledge and impart the fact that biologically, socially and civilization wise life is always under constant evolutionary churning process, where trends and taboos change faster than the shape of clouds; [3] [4]

Social problem is a social system which does not accept that each individual soul has to live and experience life in its own way;

Social problem is a social system which fails to acknowledge concrete evidences and learn lessons from them like a very naturally highly resourceful  country full of just monks who end up feebly immolating when their status quo is affected as they have not known other possible avenues of life as it happened in Tibet;

Social problem is a social system which fails to notice vulnerability of youth which makes them become tools and turns them into mass maniacal indoctrinated brutes as in many anti-social, protests and violence promoting outfits with ideologically selective amnesia with lack of collective compassion with sense and sensitivity to others' views and ways of life;

Social problem is a social system not taking note of  easy preys to extremism and extreme steps like resorting to suicide for such silly reasons as a teacher chiding  a child for not doing home work ;

Social problem is a social system unwilling to accept the blame and responsibility is on everyone to educate about the pros and cons of everything;

Social problem is a social system with lack of personal, concerned and loving communication channels everywhere which forces many youths to be depressed, to be frustrated and to resort to short term escape routes like excessive drugs and drunkenness;

Social problem is a social system of living or life style which does not involve or include satisfactory relationship or connectivity with anyone or anything which can to a certain extent prevent most of these things like drug addictions and suicide particularly among youth;

Social problem is a social system where we do not have an education which takes into consideration various factors, facets, facts of intrinsic importance to human life [5];

Social problem is a social system wherein both at family level and at social level healthy hobbies are not encouraged or developed to give scope for venting multiple emotional and psychological states of  youth.

I had discussion some months back with some top scientists in medical fraternity who said almost 25% of youth by 2025 will suffer from some form of mental illness and that may not be attended to by anyone, especially from medical fraternity because it does not generate revenue unless it involves surgery and youth too confuse information and knowledge with actual experience and elders have inflated egos all leading to deflated wisdom and value of  properly relating with  anyone or anything i.e with acceptance of intrinsic attributes and contextual relevance which all put together lead to better relationship with anything or anyone.

So, meaningful relationship with someone or something is very important because human physic can live in solitude happily but human mind cannot survive in vacuous inanity [6].

Since each one of us are part of the society, when we blame the society we have to take part of the blame ourselves.

Suicides and drug addictions are spreading like a contagious disease and so everyone must be concerned to prevent  it and not contribute to it with greater media publicity for any mileage because being a contagious disease it can also spread to any group rendered irrelevant be it paid media persons or otherwise insignificant and ignored political vultures.

More importantly failing to emphasize the positive powers of civilized human brain with all its sophistication which involves mind control techniques [the necessity for this more felt and more relevant] that’s why recently when we had organized at Hyderabad a meeting of delegates from all over the country- Assam to Kanyakumari - we made Swami Bodhamayanandha of  Ramakrishna Mutt to give a speech.

He is a specialist and has also written a book on mind control and more importantly conducts courses from 8 year old children to 50 year old adults in any post, position or profession with well made study materials to Improve Human Excellence –the course is called by that name.

I asked him why not at Chennai, he said they are planning but are looking for more number of qualified professionals.

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