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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Patronize talent, fund progress but no freebies

                                   Dangerous trend

Well written emphasizing the importance of balance in everything.

Wild gambles cannot become government policies. In brief this is a more balanced view and taking various factors into consideration.

Lot depends on individual attitudes impacting through individual psychology, socio-religious cultural atmosphere which have either direct or indirect impact on collective psychology.
My honest opinion is it may not work everywhere and therefore not a scientifically sound model which can be replicated everywhere.

For example a place like India with greater number of people in poverty and illiteracy and unwilling to improve on both areas as individuals and also many political dispensations using this weakness as a source of exploitation to further their political mileage such measure like free income will act as a blood sucker for those who are working to contribute for economic development and in certain countries where there is atrocities of the affluent because they have all that is required for basic survival and unwilling to enhance their own skills or positively contribute to society especially the vulnerable adolescent population may misuse these freebies.

We all can patronize talent, progress which remain in a shell for want of funds but blindly offering free lunches is pampering a whole population which may lead to something like the Greek tragedy

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