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Sunday, January 31, 2016

BJP seniors please understand reality

I have only one thing to say. Modi has vision, mission and clarity about all things that need to be prioritized but he needs time because all these things involve certain process. 

So called and patriots and seniors who grumble of not being included with some portfolio are making too obvious their hidden intentions, desperation and frustration at 75 plus and pathetically seeking media publicity. Everyone has to realize that there is a dharma of recognition.

One’s father may not be as smart looking as Amitabh, as rich as Ambani, as good a cricketer like Tendulkar but if one is given a choice to invite only one person to his/her swearing in ceremony that person may call only his father even if were a drunkard or even a criminal because he is the father and taken care of him/her when that person did not know even to use the potty.

Similarly for 10 years when UPA was in power only AJ was facing everything as leader of the party in RS and Sushma in LS, can the party or anyone ignore them? AJ is never aggressive, never resorts to loose talk on any issue nor indulges in releasing controversial statements. He sticks to his job, performs silently and maintains his calmness and composure always.

Most importantly AJ neither unnecessarily provokes nor gets provoked.

Showing aggressive enthusiasm, making controversial statements, generating passion whipping pronouncements are lapped up by the galleries of people who identify with such activities but will tarnish or at least effectively exploited to tarnish the image of a nationalist party holding the reins.

What these senior worthies and Hindutva promoters were doing all these years. Did any news channel ever bothered to even find out whether they are dead or alive. Why they don’t realize even for a minute what they are doing is a blatant disservice to the nation building exercise.

Let us understand when a wife out of concern of her diabetic husband refuses to add sugar to his coffee. As  outsiders if we go and say 'taking sugar for one day is not going to affect his health' it will be pleasing to the man but his diabetic problem will go back to square one and all the great efforts that the wife took will go waste at least to a certain extent.

The way many seniors I do not want to name any including the one who was instrumental in making BJP from a party of single digit numbers into a big national party to those who brought down the first ever BJP government to those who held ministries in Vajpayee's government to those whose children are doing a great job all of them do not realize that they are contributing to Cong coming back to power, worse still indirectly encouraging the number one anti-national forces operating through MSM.

But for you, your daughter may not have even been born however that does not mean you cannot insist that your grand son's choose his studies, food or music according to your wish.

Ideological outfits must also realize and stop living in a world of utopia that they can establish what they label as dharma can be established over night.

They have to realize that they have been given seats in a boat to sail to an island of dharma. If they jump too much or drill in joy the boat will capsize or sink and the island will be reclaimed by someone else. Media likes those who jump in the boat and also provides powerful battery operated drills to those who are interested in drilling the base of the boat.

Seniors' suggestion and advises are welcome by all means but within the party forums or better still directly to those concerned ministers not blabbering in front of media cameras. 

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