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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vision Ignited -TTT

In India when the process of a positive vision like economic development and good governance get ignited it does not stop despite all the stumbling blocks, chronic pessimists, constantly mourning status quo addicts, putrefying propaganda by all vested interest lobbies, puerile grumbling by the frustrated etc.

But there is process for everything with all its inner dynamics or inherent aspects [dharma if one may wish to call it- I can give very nice as well as extremely nasty examples to explain this because all scholars say only nice things very nicely and people forget it] and also the external contextual/situational constraints.

Our karma or responsibility is to do the best with all the givens. You cannot give a loan for a non entity or a non living thing or for doing nothing nor can you give one when everyone is against taking a loan or against someone giving it.

I remember reading a small verse titled TTT - Things Take Time.

Initiations, intentions, improvements, institutions have been put in place as a foundation in almost most domains of economic activity and partial structures too completed in many areas.

Even with all the constraints let no one have any doubts, I am not saying this as a fan of Modi or BJP our journey of development will progress.

The predominant inner dynamics of this country is vibrational and not verbal

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