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Sunday, January 31, 2016

BJP and RSS well wisher’s Diary in National Interest

                    BJP and RSS well wisher’s Diary in National Interest

1. Modi is correctly prioritizing good governance and economic development agenda for nation.

2. Organization like RSS must know, acknowledge the importance and strength of political power over ideology and help to improve political power silently because RSS is one of the best silent back office enterprise in the world when it comes to rendering unbiased humanitarian services, creating purposeful idea and research generating activities for national development. No one from that organization must deviate from their core strength of being silent back office and foray into media attention grabbing statement peddling. Without BJP in power RSS can be a non entity. RSS are great doers not good speakers.

3. BJP must create Real Digital India of multiple audio visual channels through internet for each district or village and make someone from RSS/BJP take charge of that work. We have teams that can carry on these.

4. In National interest and if BJP wants to win elections in UP and in 2019, then BJP on its part must improve its communication via creating multiple channels in various local languages either as television channels or as indicated above.

5. Or BJP must try to acquire the existing media channels and newspapers through various means or start its own limited edition newspapers for each state in local language and one in English

6. BJP must use government intelligent bureau effectively and also curb Maoists with drone attacks.

7. Any organization needs real brain storming on certain mutually agreed common priorities which can deliver desired results.

8. All view and opinions matter only pertaining to those common priorities.

9. Irresponsible statements or even sane statements likely to give room or scope to be misinterpreted or exploited by media must be avoided.

10. Each must play his/her role without clamoring for media projections or publicity or popularity. 

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