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Sunday, January 31, 2016

VHP do not fall a prey

Must be one who can prioritize what is needed for the country more at present:-

New leader of VHP must know that Sanathana Dharma is never in danger and therefore it does not require any protector. But India still has poverty, illiteracy and unemployment which need to be eradicated. Hidden agenda has to be always hidden.

Do not let any firebrand, loose tongued, fervent person to lead.

1. Create some powerful media houses or buy existing international media houses indirectly or tie up with them.

2. Initiating controversy fasting for three years- no controversial statements [which means no one from VHP must talk to any media nor engage in any controversial activities]. Instead concentrate on constructive activities.

3. Literacy and education-start more educational institutions.

4. Employment generating activities which ensure livelihood with ability to take care of basic necessities for individual and family and contribute to economic development for the nation.

5. Caring for the nation and sharing with other less fortunate on all parameters.

6. All other things can be, and preferably must be, kept in abeyance like building more temples, demolishing atrociously erected past constructions etc.

7. If perception is defined unfortunately mostly by media projection.

8. Posterity needs more in treasury not more temples and the present time needs more help and not hysteric debates/reactions to history.
Make everyone in Party and all affiliated organization to realize and decide for posterity do we need improved treasury? Or increased number of places of worship? Or praising our glorious past? Or do we need once again a bunch of anti-national looters? If they do not fall in line get rid of them?

9. One of the main reasons for China’s growth was that it never allowed media-funded by global sabotage specialists to interfere in its policies and programs.

10. Prioritizing performance and long term economic development plans is the need of the hour and our duty and responsibility to posterity. In short work with the same frequency along with Modi’s government and help Modi and his team to build a stronger, prosperous and meaningful India and that would be the greatest contribution that VHP can make.

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