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Sunday, January 24, 2016

PhD and Higher education in India -the pathetic facts

                               Ph.D s and Higher Education in India
Ph.D in India in most streams [except in some pure science and mathematics] why even post graduations and MBAs [except in Finance] are absolutely useless and irrelevant by any standards.
The whole methodology,[not substance because in many cases there isn't any] of research is pathetic and outdated.
How else and in which country on earth where specialization and updating of knowledge and information ,if not skill sets is going at such a pace and with such enormous intricacies that soon the medical fraternity may have a group specialists for left nostril and another for right nostril.
Only in India, I would refrain from naming individuals though I have all details of such individuals, if you do a Ph.D on any former political leader when that particular party comes to power you can be made a vice chancellor,a person who does his IAS in Oriya or Tamil literature is made a collector of a place.
Only in India if you are recruited for stenography and found inefficient or served your bosses well can become a director in Govt organization or in some cases even decide who has to be made the president of the nation.
If you are recruited for marketing activities and found inefficient and by pulling the correct strings and greasing the correct palms can be made as a manager and eventually a director.
Because we are not sure as to why we get ourselves educated and therefore are not naturally bothered about what is getting imparted in the name of education.
I have conducted many small experiments with students at several levels starting from 7 year old kids to 60 year old diplomats, legal experts, artists, auditors, teachers, principals, engineers, doctors, mutt swamijis etc and most of them ,of course there are exceptions in all categories , seem to be engaged in different activities as mere rituals rather than activities with contextually relevant importance, even if the context is bad in the larger interest.

There is no conviction and therefore no intense involvement. That's why sports persons, business promoters and politicians succeed because they perform for results staking lot of things in their life.

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