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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Education,tolerance and secularism

                                        Education,tolerance and secularism 

Someone recently told me that 'I am really irritated with the actions of the educated'.

Education, Secularism, Tolerance are very ill defined or loosely defined terms articulated to justify a particular version which suits one at a particular situation.

That's why first defining becomes very important followed by justification for such a definition.

Otherwise media will have the liberty of appropriating certain labels to some and assigning certain other labels to others, in short use language to perpetuate manipulative propaganda which has become a huge business in India with multiple channels and newspapers each propagating ideologies of which they themselves may not know fully but they get paid to do that.

Incidentally on 16th November UN celebrated International Day of Tolerance; ironically two days before that a ghastly attack took place in France.

I wrote rather reproduced one of my old writing in my blog and also posted it in many UN websites. 

I wish you go through it and pass it on to youth to make them understand in reality what it is rather than merely listening to sermons which they will forget because most sermons are meant to be followed in letter and spirit but most forget the second part and remember the letter that's why we need things that inspire/instigate people to think on various dimensions of every issue.  


In recent times most corruptions, atrocities and all manipulations have been more by the academically qualified but uneducated folks.

These creatures are found mostly in the arid lands of media houses and they help similar species in bureaucracy, politics etc to have a dominating power structure aided and abetted by other affiliated vested interest groups.

But, fortunately, one by one, these venomous media creatures are getting caught, some politicians and bureaucrats too.

Education is a very loosely defined term for too many things which have nothing to do with education.

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