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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Education that is more required in India

Education in India has a huge business unexploited and unexplored territory.
India is the happening country. Please do look at it especially offering a science based, skill set developing, [which incidentally the present government of India is also promoting] practical training and experiment oriented coupled with hands on experience acquiring primary education with emphasis on technology, all sciences starting from environmental sciences to health care to particle physics to chemical applications to automobile and drone manufacturing, designs, economic governance etc preferably between the ages of 14 to 17.
Many Indian kids are interested in and are also capable of shining in such areas.
Perhaps the trade of that may be  required is some sort of financial incentive or job security which most of these children coming from middle class families in India prioritize. That's why India churns out lot of employees/employable and salaried class.
So, some of these courses can be made as an integral part of some industrial or manufacturing or production industry. I can assure this can be an excellent business model as well as a socially contributory model.

In the early 80s NIIT started computer education and it has not only scaled great heights, made huge business but also supplied lot of staff for many companies across the globe.

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