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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Prisms of projection and prisons of perception

Let us first move away from these media appropriated and projected labels like ‘saffronization’ [O-orange]

Propagated as such very often by the greenhorns of red brigade [ R-red]. It is an intentional tool to divide with ideological label and paid media are master at that, perhaps only at that as if there are two contrasting groups like saffron versus secular, previously they were using communal versus secular and in the process they have distorted the meaning of all these words beyond any sane recognition by their meaningless usage. 

No one minds about main stream media’s Yellow Journalism [Y-yellow]

But bringing to light what pure white hearted souls from all places and spheres have created the purple pages.
[V & I - Purple representing Violet and Indigo] of past glory through their contributions from dark ages.

These facts agitate certain minds and they are green [G-green] with jealousy. 

They wonder how come those whom they have labeled repeatedly as belonging to dark ages can become the blue-eyed [B-Blue] boys of  rational perception across the globe.

They are equally puzzled at the futility of white wash done for centuries through  political and academic hegemony?
How come that white wash is revealing the hidden colors of  VIBGYOR beneath that white ?
So create new prisms through main stream media and give color to everything as they want.

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