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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Global citizen and Worldology- what are basiaclly primarily required

52  Points about what makes a 21st Century Global Citizen and why most main stream media are the stumbling blocks.

1] ‘21st century global citizen’ will definitely emerge in large numbers but for that to happen main stream media has to refine or exercise some restraint.

2] Some people feel and communicate that it is necessary  to travel across the globe to become a ‘21st century global citizen’ .The term ‘21st century global citizen’ itself is based on certain presumptions.

3] ‘21st century global citizen’ need not necessarily emerge only out of globetrotting but can evolve and emerge out of humane attitude, broader outlook ,proper perspective etc.

4] Let me set aside at present the debate as to whether  the slice of  21st century in the loaf of  time is right or wrong or may or could be different from our ancient times or posterity.

5] I am happy to read some positive news on attempts to make people at least geographically hold on to the view beyond their ethnocentric pride and xenophobic aversion that life could be or possibly is better in other places as well as from people belonging to other cultures too.
6] At least an urge to be a global citizen beyond certain cases of weird preferences for seclusion like the Sentilese of Andaman Islands, or highly protected for purely scientific reasons like Lascaux caves in France or avoided like Ilha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island located off the coast of Sao Paula, Brazil imbued with critically endangered golden Pitviper, with a bite that delivers hemotoxin venom.
7] Also a willingness to believe that there could be something to learn and enjoy not as a tourist but as an avid explorer trying to grasp life as it happens in other places or as lived by other people.

8] The suggestions from media that attending universities abroad or visiting other countries are welcome, even if they were sponsored by universities targeting foreign students and tourism companies wanting to increase their business as these are at least different from the usually negative news and reporting with unloving criticism on everything or attempts which make references to put down predominantly practiced or beneficial activities.

9] Sometimes there are also snide remarks with slight indignation at the enormous usage and utility of internet which enables people to be informed about the globe in the comforts of their homes with a click of a mouse.

10] But going by all the facts all citizens are not privileged to have globetrotting experience to get an international experience but everyone is well equipped with an inner self to have a global outlook and internationally acceptable attitude.

11] Global citizen is a great philosophical and sometimes an abstract idea; preferred wish of all sane human beings; a political, cultural, religious and social possibility which can be attained with help of various factors/aspects/subjects etc though some may view it as some utopia not a possible reality.

12] Becoming a global citizen requires in addition to geographical migrations and mingling [albeit they are also important-not merely as refugees or tourists] the following:-

13] Mentally moving beyond the moorings of all forms of identities without disrespecting or denouncing them but reviewing rationally their intrinsic importance and relevance in the context of present day life;

14] Carrying on beyond constraining default settings of life emphasized through various important and highly impactful spheres of life like the region/nation of birth, language, religion, culture of the place etc;

15] Ejecting thoughts of justifications and project reasons leading to well being, happiness, peace and harmony of many and protection of nature;

16] Avoid being judgmental with ideologically based ulterior motives, hidden agenda, clandestine contracts etc;

17] Perceiving without prejudice based on assigning or appropriating predefined labels;

18] Willingness to receive and relish with tolerance more information and knowledge about life with broader perspective,  unbiased attitude and open hearted outlook coupled with a proper perspective all of which use as frames of reference to perceive only those things/persons with contextual relevance and willingness to evaluate based on inherent merit;

19] Willingness to accept, to admire, to adopt and to assimilate in all realms of life as a whole or the wholeness of life;

20] Move away from obsessive paranoiac declared stands on many issues;

21] Desist from scripting any specific narrative for humanity as a whole;

22] Desist from presuming or prescribing anything as a panacea;

23] Above all realize that to become or to be a global citizen requires clarity, conviction and courage to consider all life as One, or humility to accept every life is just a similar part/particle of whole of life which can be termed as ‘Entity of Life or Energy of Life’ as this terminology can steer clear of any religious connotations or theistic debates or ideological overtones or political undercurrents.

24] The reality of becoming a ‘21st century global citizen’ will emerge  out  of  individual’s intentions and  approaches and also active promotion of that idea by many institutions.

25] This process  would also expose the media menace of pandering to victimhood peddling, 
particular ideological projections, sometimes stinking negativism from overflow from the narrow gutters of certain ideologies;

26] It requires replenishing with some positive vibrations to create an oasis in the deserted lands of morning philosophers, unloving critics, and fault finding fanatics.

27] The extent of main stream media’s negative tilt reveals a very conditioned and confined mentality which is not at all healthy for public debate on any subject.

28] In fact it is a dangerous contagious infection that is being methodically spread among youth.

29] The manifestation of mass opinions, obsessions, and objectives takes various forms depending on certain inherent attributes, imbibed cultural attitudes or instructed methods of operation.

30] It provides greater burden or risk rather than any benefit by being an enemy of a whole group of people.

31] This applies to groups in all areas left, right and center and on both extremes of the spectrum the radical and pusillanimous.

32] It is difficult to define intentions, but easier to discern pretensions.

33] Science/technology has not come up with a machine which can deduct intentions.

34] It would be better that media and journalistic writing realize that they can no more manipulate minds through brain washing propaganda to generate ideological bias with an instinct to presume human life as homogenous and with ulterior motives and intentions to homogenize all.

35] This is not possible in an era of camera in every hand, social media communication happening in real time;

36] A stage may come when popular or popularized or paid media sponsored lies will become extinct species for the good of everyone.

37] Actually the media as a whole suffers from perception deficit and presumptive conclusions because they fail to realize that information dissemination is not their sole preserve anymore nor are people willing to get carried away by the credits they appropriate to themselves and the cunning labels they assign to some.

38] More importantly facts and truths seep out and spread in real time through mobile sets in every hand. Of course even in social media some elements exist who are bent on sensationalizing, creating controversies, conflicts and panic. But it is only an aberration whereas in main stream media negativism has become a rule.

39] It is high time that main stream media realize that they need to evolve from being an old  type writing machine and emerge into the age of Dictaphones.

40] Status quo addiction of main stream media which petrifies them along with their putrefied perceptions and puerile intentions are exposing them overwhelmingly that it may damage even the few sane journalists out of job because as an industry at this rate it will collapse as the coffers of their pay masters may also get dried up due to lack of return on investment.

41] Responsible mass opinion molders must report facts, observe certain self imposed norms geared towards helping as many human beings as possible to enhance their life in all aspects- physical, psychological, material etc without trying to wedge a divide.

42] For example differences as manifestations of variety are inevitable facts/facets of nature and life;

43] But creating a social or psychological divide and magnifying it is a function done by vested interest groups in all spheres who predominantly use media as a tool and this can preferably be avoided by sane and responsible persons.

44] Or even where there exists a divide it would be better not to dwell on that by constantly prioritizing it, super imposing it or letting it predominate all forms of debate and all domains of human existence or life itself as if it is the only or the most important factor of life over many other aspects of life.

45] The prisms of perceptions will slowly but surely break open the prisons of projections, pre –conceptions, presumptions and exclusive privileges.

46] Some positive attributes may preferably be promoted to enhance the possibility of creating real ‘21st century global citizen’ like Forgiveness, Attitude appropriate to context, Compassion and Tolerance etc which have been rightly emphasized by all religions; along with creating tools that contribute to comfortable living and better understanding of life as a whole and the role of human beings in the totality of life which have been rightly prioritized and performed by all sciences.

47] I feel sometimes actions, reactions and human emotions when performed on the basis of this FACT can in fact effect an enormous change.

48] FACT here refers to Forgiveness, Attitude, Compassion and Tolerance.

Forgiveness can be actually embedded as a part of everyone's character or emotion or psychology by understanding and accepting the inevitable fact of life that we cannot expect compatibility on multiple aspects/factors in everyone that we come across or relate with, and worse still to the degree/intensity/quantity/extent that we wish such compatibility to be.

Attitude of appropriate contextually relevant reactions must be assiduously acquired and adopted.

Compassion must be cultivated as an inevitable part of character building.

Tolerance also must be inculcated as a part of emotional, social and psychological attitude, irrespective of any identity or multiple identities that one may have or entertain.

I call this as important FACT to become a ‘21st century global citizen’.

49] We need to remember that we can neither deny nor defy the importance of anything or anyone.

50] Life is too vast and complex with some mysteries still unexplained and unraveled but not unexplainable.

Life, in short, is an unsolved jigsaw puzzle with several pieces constantly evolving to fit in appropriate slots.

51] The process involves constant churning, continuous learning and adjustment

Everything regarding life undergoes constant churning and many things come out and ultimately evolution of life selects what suits best or gets what it deserves.

52] Because whatever we do we need to remember one thing while all of us feel the need for unity, what unity needs is feeling for all by all.

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