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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Modi's great speech on progress report

It is not easy to carve out an impactful fertile oasis of positivism in a desert of negative politics and publicity.

Wow a must watch/listen for every Indian in all spheres of activity to know a really sound actual performance placed on a platform of pragmatism of life and philosophy of concern for all lives.

It is so different from throwing spears of political mileage and manipulative power politics.

Listening to this speech and all the facts that it reveals can lead to a perception of reality than mere media propelled and projected pronouncements wrongly termed as perception.

A story of economic development agenda unfolded with clarity and concern for all.

I have not come across and I think everyone will also agree that in the past few decades a real leader with not only a very great vision combined with a missionary zeal but putting in place priorities properly with great clarity and in a planned and systematic method paying attention to all minute details.

This also sends message to many that gearing to future goals requires genuine and gradual growth strategies at present so that the country can return to its glorious aspects of past  rather than merely gloating over past glories.

It is so different from playing to the galleries, especially in a country with highly complex strata of economic status and undefined, unnoticed, unknown, unknowable and undisclosed multiple economic activities further complicated by multiple political manipulations and murky media projections imbued with negativism.

Listen to the speech worth every global citizen’s week end.

Speech Part-I

Speech Part –II

Complete script of the speech given in these links below

and PMO E-booklet

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