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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anarchy or Smartness

Anarchy or Smartness

Not a judgment or opinion but an observation. Anarchy or Smartness.

US first ambassador to India Kenneth Galbraith described socio-political life of India in a single wonderful sentence " India is a classic example of functional anarchy".

We can see it in our roads, in our offices, in our temples everywhere. 

It is called smartness when it is beneficial and it is termed as unruly when it is not. 

We play T-20 shots in all spheres of life.

Systematic and methodical approaches we normally do not cherish.

Overwhelming majority of us do/perform everything either ritualistically or for social approval or with short term benefits.
Of course there are many glorious exceptions to these aspects.

I am not passing any judgments and merely replying to some people and placing my observation.

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