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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Genes and medicines

How Your Genes Influence What Medicines Are Right for You

I have always felt that a doctor's job is further complicated because of this and so medico legal cases that go against the medical professionals is actually an injustice to medical professionals in most cases. 
However, it is not without any remedy with advancement in science there are ways available through very scientific process called genome mapping which can help to a great extent giving allowances for some technical errors and wrong interpretations. It is like a blue print.
This aspect of medical profession has always puzzled me with people taking extreme positions and when something goes wrong with the patient everyone gets into an emotional or sentimental high, though understandable, but then the legal system too very often gets influenced by this and very often everyone ignores most of the purely medical  ​aspects involving preventive which include optimum correct inputs, treatment process/procedures and remedial monitoring etc which actually puts the doctor and other medical professionals at a disadvantage.

It is like everyone blaming during flooding the traffic police, bad roads and no one bothering about encroachments and indifference to preventive measures like not throwing all types of waste which clogs all drainage system etc. 

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