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Saturday, June 23, 2018

political decision making

Corporates, even in matters of macro scales, operate on mostly known parameters in predefined conditions, predominantly in binaries like profit and loss; market share and brand value; customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness; quality and quantity etc.

Whereas, political decision making in the arena of macro economic developmental activities has to take into account multiple dimensions of many factors predominant among them being national interest viz a viz long term benefits and playing by the rules of the game acceptable to global players.

Political decision making on matters of macro economic policies in a nation like India requires performing like a trapizium artist while doing tight rope walking.

All the more made difficult by irrelevant scrutiny by the media through extrapolation of ideologies of victim hood as any long term macro economic policies cannot be expected to deliver short term tangible gains.

In addition it will also cause collateral damage to all types of status quo addicts and invite the avalanche of criticism from arm chair critics.

As a strange coincidence anything massive and marvellous in nature and/or nurtured growth requires a macro view to discern the magnitude of multiple forces and the synergy that they generate.

The coincidence is this morning had a nice aerial view of  Grand Canyon travelling in a small plane, followed by visit to Hoover Dam and now proceeding to multinational grand show KA theatre 'Cirque du Soleil.

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