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Saturday, June 23, 2018

perspectives wider ones

Marvelous and this reminds why some of the  greatest authors with wider perspectives were pilots.

If we bother to observe closely scholars are of two kinds those who want to know why things and lives are so and those who seek specific outcomes out of lives and things.

I am not saying either one is preferable or better than the other.

While great Saints, Scientists, Mathematicians, Philosophers have all explained well the world and its workings with wide ranging frames of references, still, they are restricted to a certain extent by the very love and mastery of the means and tools they used to observe the world.

However, among them , some evolutionary biologists, neuro- surgeons, some astrologers, astronomers, astrophysicists, geologists, top mathematicians, poly glottal linguists and pilots seem to observe the inherent complexities, varieties and infinitely comprehensive patterns and structures, all of which may elude the normal comprehension but the above referred category of scholars are able to see without any inhibition all the above facts as manifested in micro details as well as macro view, and are able to reconcile with some amount of equanimity and deep sense of balance that there are many things that are still mysteriously marvelous and beyond the ken of human intellectual explanations.

Therefore, their perspectives about lives and planets are more observation oriented than opinion and ideology based.

Hence, more tolerant as they merely observe how lives and planets are and try to find out why they are so.

While those in certain domains like politics and religion try to fix how lives and things must be and proceed to find out what must be done to make them fall into fixations.

That's why there are fights and controversies among religions and politics.

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