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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Positive News

Please forgive my patronizing tone and my elaborate style.

I am attracted by words.

The word positive caught my attention especially in a world of too much negativity emanating unfortunately excessively from especially media houses and slaves of various ideological outfits religious, political, regional etc.

Suggest extensions of some headers which I feel are interconnected twins.

My New Year greetings this year was Imindmap of positive possibilities

Enlarge the Mindmap in the link for clarity 

Society and ideals:-

Economics and welfare:-

Science and technology:-

Environment and humans:-

Lifestyle and cultures of the world:-

Perspective and attitude:-

Lessons from History of events:-

Ideas for a better and harmonious living from all domains:-

Education, Literacy and Languages and their unique features:-

Why I shun brevity:-

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