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Saturday, July 8, 2017



The march of technology in all domains is inevitable and all the more when it offers the core substance of intrinsic value in tact in with convenience in many aspects.

However, the nostalgia of walking through a book stacked library will be lingering in the heart of many forever.

When anything causes nostalgia it indicates a very deep rooted relationship that has permeated one’s subconscious level and rests well ensconced there. 

Nostalgic feeling as a revisit in memory or in imagination or in reality with a mix of both regional flavors and relationships [i.e. when we relate with interest and involvement] mostly refreshes the whole being.

The essence of nostalgia is when the recapitulation of feelings strikes the same resonance in our hearts as they did when we had a deep relationship with those feelings.

For bibliophiles the joy of randomly browsing through the various racks of a library and get attracted by the very feel of holding some books for various reasons starting from a catchy title to cover design to favorite author to loved subject to attractive  topics and many more.

I have spent more hours in many libraries during my college days than inside class rooms.

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