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Sunday, February 25, 2018


Lexicography is imbued with life with all its sweet memories, vicissitudes of living and potential evolutionary growth.

“In capturing a word, a sliver of lived experience can be observed and defined. If only you were able to catch all the words, perhaps you could define existence.

Every dictionary must be a family album of nostalgic moments narrating stories, histories, narrations and all these nurturing the pride of ancestry and heralding a hope for future through the nice anecdotal references.

When lexicology and literature come together and deliver a baby of words and expressions with inherited beauty of etymology and denotation.

They watch the baby grow into a child acquiring connotations as it experiences its life through various contexts.

Then the metamorphosis of child into a marvelous adult happens as it captures the raptures of evolutionary imperatives in linguistics.

Online dictionaries can be spiced up with audio-visual presentations, appropriate anecdotes, captive dialogues and relevant quotations that would enable us to remember the word/phrase/expression because of the impact of the quotations, probably with hints to usage in different contexts.

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