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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Technology occupies the collective human mind’s space and time

Why technology occupies such a disproportionate amount of human attention and occupies the collective human mind’s space and time?

If we study the brief journey of civilization [1] as a process we shall observe, in every age, certain specific addictive obsessive frames of reference to encounter evaluate and enhance life.

These obsessive frames of reference tend to predominantly occupy the human mind’s collective space and time because of their importance and impact.

At present this happens to be the maximum creation and utilization of technology [2].

EXCUSES for regulating or evading arise because of these EXCUSES
EXcessive Careless Usage Senseless Extremisms leading to Saturation.

But just because there is misuse, abuse, underutilization etc we can neither blame the thing itself, namely technology, nor can we evade or evict it.

A sharp knife in a surgeon’s hand can be used for performing a wonderful surgery or kill a nurse nearby.

However, having said all these we cannot remain as passive spectators when we are aware of misuse or abuse.

But we need device some simple and practical solutions  which are part of our day to day life like in our daily life in all its manifestations- be it individual’s leisure time, social life, professional or official life-is impregnated with balanced activities as part of life and living then the time spent on excessive technology based activities may be minimized.

For example everyone must start cooking by turns at home, do washing, baby sitting, cleaning, preferably use whenever possible public transport, use stair case etc  
So, these 2 to 3 hours, plus 5 to 6 hours of bed time, plus some one to two hours of social, cultural, religious activities involving less usage of technology can altogether reduce the hours of usage of technology to maximum 10 to 12 hours a day.  

However, the dominant role of technology cannot be wished away nor whisked away as technology is the omni-present, omni-valent,omni-attractive and omni-potent.

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