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Saturday, December 16, 2017


Synergy of
Everything, everyone and environment with
Love for all life is the  
Fulcrum and foundation of all selves.

“In the end nothing less than the whole of everything can be the truth of anything at all”- William James

The fact is that each individual SELF unravels many facets, dimensions and dynamics of  multiple aspects of LIFE as lived  and experienced through various domains, many frames of references  at different levels  of consciousness with varying degrees of intensities , involvements, imaginations  and interactions.

In  this churning process it explains and enhances  many thoughts, ideas, ideals, concepts, philosophies, theories, hypothesis,  premises  by injecting more life to all of them  by ensconcing them  in appropriate contexts  and  encapsulating them  with impactful articulation through wonderful  expressions physical, psychological, spiritual, artistic  as well as through words and various other forms of expressions. 

Give yourself enough time to read all the links indicated above and the sub-links therein to get a comprehensive idea about the SELF.

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