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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Healing process starts

Healing process starts when...a particular role is rolled out and that result in a specific result without having to get obsessed about the result.

 1. When we move on without any prejudgment or bias but observe with a childlike curiosity;

2. After that let in whatever little acquired knowledge in that particular domain to perceive with relevant or appropriate frames of reference to understand and then assimilate the importance of what has been observed and understood;

3. Evaluate, not judge, if necessary what has been observed and understood, taking into consideration the intrinsic aspects or attributes of the issue in question and evaluate by churning it with contextual  relevance;

4. Subsequently, if found valuable and worthy internalize it;

5.  Then what is internalized manifests automatically in every action and experience.

6. Finally apply at the altar of  real life situations all that have been observed, understood, assimilated and internalized with passion [meaning interest and involvement and not necessarily aggression] and compassion [ consideration of  at least minimal welfare of all life forms].

7. If this process is attempted, in my opinion healing could be a possible outcome, even with a conscious dispassionate attitude towards the ultimate outcome or result.

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