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Sunday, August 6, 2017

IT Industry good article

IT Industry good article

The following article throws light on a very important lesson based on prevalent trends for every business, especially in a world where both economic changes and technological developments are very fast and unpredictable.

Therefore, the consequences could be drastic, disruptive and sometimes destructive too.

No domain of activity can escape this evolutionary trend.

The reasons why India’s top business houses like Reliance and Tata are successful are perhaps because they are into multiple business activities where downfall in one is compensated by another.

Though diversification is very good option, even in government enterprises like our postal department which was demolished by private courier operators and they have been made to do everything from banking to selling Ganga Jal and acting as couriers for online sales+.

All cannot afford to do that.

Besides, some business activities need focus but all businesses need to be alert to the pulse of the trends of changes both obvious and lurking in the back yard.

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