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Monday, March 9, 2015

AAP -The great mask of the LEFT

AAP is a deadly mix of Congress, Left and anti-national NGOs with a new mask.

When power, pelf, publicity, popularity and position come cascading in to an individual or a group without necessary mental maturity and principles or values, without backed by organizational experience and strength, without established systems of command, control, delegation, trust etc;

without any strong sense of goal or vision for mission for which, by fluke, such individual or group was showered with such benefits, then, it is only natural that for the good of the people of India that such an arrangement crumbles. 

I purposely call it arrangement; For, AAP is neither a party nor an organization. Let us be clear there are no leaders there either.

Slowly everything will transpire [‘become known’- the original meaning of the word] as to what transpired between the parts of this mask [one half Cong and the other half Left] all of which desperately seek to be identified with equal importance and prominence. Only place where equality is wished for among this group of Atrociously Amateurish Protesters.

Let us see beneath the mask the putrefied remains which make it a media pet. No guesses it is the leftover left of India which pulls in the gullible adolescents who are mostly unemployed, unemployable, employed but incapable and inefficient.

The leftist ideologues are ideologically and professionally narcissistic. 

They have spent generations on ‘victim –villain’ social models in terms of socio-economic aspects of life. They also suffer from a chronic disease that they are incapable and unwilling to learn about other models of socio-economic systems of life.

So, anyone who thinks of /acts towards long term economic development that can reduce the crowd of victims in that script makes them resort to knee jerk reactions. 

India’s greatest curse is, unfortunately, much promoted by Congress party [which made its socialist postures for electoral gains; these leftover leftist ideologues occupy most of the media houses.
Some media houses like The Hindu are fully owned by these fossil genetic samples of leftover left of India.

There are only two other areas where these fossil genetic samples are kept intact. The trade unions of leftist parties [ which incidentally ensured closure of units like Nokia, Foxcon etc near Chennai] and 4 member from two family who occupy the parliament [in the form of Karat and family {2} , Sitaram Yetchury and Bharadhan who has a constant competition with Karan Tappar –who manages to grind only his teeth while speaking- while Bharathan crushes to pieces every single word in English].

Most of these leftist worthies are inducted MPs, they can never get elected.

Despite them having less number of members than PMK, DMK, AGP etc, media houses always shove the mikes in the mouths of these worthies.

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