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Thursday, January 24, 2013


   The film "FLOW--For the Love of Water," supplied by the link below, shows how the unnecessary privitization of water is only the beginning of the coming water wars. It shows how big companies and the World Bank are arranging for the bottling of water at the expense of the environment and the future well-being of the masses, only to sell the water back to them which the companies got for free anyway.
    It shows the problems, but also the solutions, for saving water in India from being mismanaged by companies like Coca Cola who have used great amounts of water only for making soda pop. And also how certain states, like California or New Mexico in the United States have only another 10 or 20 years left of fresh water before the use up their supply, leaving no solution to be considered for their future. It shows how companies like Nestle's have set up bottling plants, such as in central Michigan, to pump out thousands of gallons of water from the aquifers only to have local lakes, ponds and streams begin to dry up. And in spite of lawsuits by the people, the state supreme court has given Nestle's to continue. It shows how in Bolivia companies pour raw sewage and toxins into the water of Lake Titicoca, leaving many of the people without any safe drinking water.    
    This is a must watch video to see what is really happening and what needs to be done. Either we save the natural fresh water now, or many of the general masses around the globe will dry up. Watch this, and then share it.  

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