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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Parenting and Individual soul's liberty

Mom's 18-Point iPhone Rules for Son

my  rejoinder 

All said and done gadgets are gods even if we don't worship them, at least we cannot do without them [we all use them when every other logical and illogical things fail and when we are alone and incapable of facing our own self]; 

Technology is religion it can be both good and bad depending on how we use it and it is also capable of offering both good and bad;

Putting the gadgets to the best utility  to enhance one's understanding and learning of the intrinsic facts and truths with a scientific approach unpolluted by any outside influence or biased conditioning with proper attitude by seeing gadgets as a better means  and not as an end in itself is the science of modern day spirituality. 

All scientific and technological advancements and utilities have been primarily intended to improve life and understanding and by all means let us use them and master them but not allow them to master us.

I vote for marrying technology and science. At least we are face to face with facts and deal with known elements rather than claims and counter claims as in the case of religions.

However much Moms and Dads try to control, remote control or direct the lives of their children out of their real heartfelt concern, the fact is every life at the basic level is mere body mind organism and at a higher level each life manifests the doings of the impersonal universal self or soul whatever you call it or label it as it operates through its own logic which is beyond [it could be beneath or above] normal human logic or understanding.

So ultimately each life makes its own imprints. Sometimes as a coincidence it could happen as per the wishes of parents but not necessarily always.

I always believe JK's wisdom of allowing the 'inward flowering' to take place and silently perform our duties as parents according to our limitations and love and mostly according to their [our children's wishes and wants as after all we want to see our children happy, peaceful and free. 

Discipline is an inner stuff and it grows with a sense of responsibility [response-  ability] and personal experience and understanding and self realization the hard way and can never be imposed externally, at least with me it has never worked.

Parenting after donating a sperm and leasing a womb and initially taking care of the physical well being of the Child is all about weaving meaningful and mutually respectable relationships psychologically factoring in many socio-cultural changes and the generational differences. All of these are easily said than done because the emotional bonds and the innate parental expectations will mostly cloud many things and project only our interests, intentions prompted by our notions of their [our children’s] well being.

Wiser parenting, in my personal opinion is involving without interfering, motivating with manipulating, allowing independent and interdependent individual growth to unleash its own melodies rather than orchestrating to our tunes.

Impersonal Universal self [with whatever nomenclature - God, Soul, Divinity etc- we want to believe in or disbelieve in it totally] which operates through each body-mind organism will take care of the appropriate harmony.

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