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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There is a difference between what we are capable of understanding of the physical world and what we know in our hearts to be the truth. Our science deals with the natural...the physical...the corporeal....the material....the rational and the empirical-- and nothing more! But that is not who and what we really are.

Our bodies are stardust and to stardust they will return.

It is what is in our hearts and minds (our consciousness--the pure essence of our true being)--including our scientific understanding (everything that we are and have become in a temporal universe) that will determine whether we are free and immortal.....or not. Our science is only a small expression of our own consciousness. And science, itself, will lose its substance, if no one, in time, no longer cares about it!

The true underlying reality to everything is consciousness itself, and we are a part of that consciousness, whether we recognize it or not.

This is what all of the world religions have tried to teach throughout the ages. But because religion is an artifact of man, it has failed miserably.

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