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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fire Yogi

The Fire Yogi - A Story of an Extraordinary Journey (2007) three scientists from USA did a research on this phenomenon which is neither magic nor miracle but pure science of extraordinary mind control , breath techniques and power of mantras. watch the full youtube as it has wonderful music composed by R.Visweswaran

Incredible. Mantras make man immune to fire and live with almost no
food and water?.. Can science catch up?

It seems according to Aghori tradition, what we call Gayatri, is
actually Savitri mantra. Real Gayatri mantra is secret and is
extremely powerful.

when a doctor gives medicine you just take it to get cured of your illness without bothering to know the ingredients and their effects and after effects . similarly certain mantras are to be followed for certain results. doctor's prescribed medicine may not necessarily work well for all.Similar is the case with mantras but as everyone initially takes the medicine so do everyone must chant the mantras if they want certain results. There is also no harm in chanting mantras that too internally that is when they become more powerful. the vibrational strength of certain mantras properly chanted internally sincerely does seem to have good effects

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