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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

History of India

Who ruled India from Indus Valley for 800 or 900 years?
No information in our History books!
Who ruled India from 1700 BC to 600 BC?
No information in our History books!!
Indian king list starts from Buddha’s (600 BC) time only. Why?

Indian History books were written by the British when they ruled India. We are following the same old syllabus till this day! All other country books written by them have been completely revised or completely dumped. Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek history have been updated with latest discoveries. Even though contradictions and overlapping were there in different Kings’ lists found in different places they have been reconciled. But the world’s biggest wonder is no Indian scholar raised any question about the big blunders or the big gaps in Indian history.

Google for any ancient country’s king lists you will get some names from 3000 BC. Google for Indian king list (except Wikipedia) you will get only from Buddha’s time. What is the question that should have come to our mind?

You say that Indus Valley Civilisation existed between 2500 BC and 1700 BC. Who were the kings that ruled India from Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa? Like Tamil Nadu had three main kingdoms and several small kingdoms simultaneously Indus also might have had several kingdoms. Who were they? For 800 years, a minimum of 45 kings for one place alone must be there. If there were kings ruling different parts, then there must be at least 150 kings. In ancient Tamil Nadu we had two Chola kings, two Chera kings and two Pandya kings ruling at the same time. In the north, we had hundreds of kings ruling simultaneously.

If Nandha dynasty started in the fifth century BC, what happened for 1200 years before them? Another 60 to 80 kings must have ruled from one capital city alone. Ancient India had at least 16 Janapadas or 56 Desams. Thousands of kings must have ruled before Buddha’s period. Mahabharata and Tamil Sangam anthology ‘Purananuru’ compare the number of kings in the world (India) to ‘stars in the sky’ or the ‘sand particles on sea shore’ or the ‘rain drops’. That means innumerable, uncountable and numberless. What were their names? Can there be a vacuum for2000 years? Was India ruled by mysterious people?

No one has asked this question to his or her history teacher. No Indian scholar worth the name “scholar” has addressed this issue. If they can prepare a list for Sumerian and Egyptian cultures, why did not they do it for India?
The so called Indian scholars were ready to play second fiddle to Western scholars. The British were so clever they never raised this issue in their books. They made a big blackout for 1900 years (From 2500 BC to 600 BC= Buddha’s time). This is the BIGGEST BRAINWASH IN THE WORLD!

143 KINGS Ruled before Megasthanes

Greek Ambassador Megasthenes (350 BC to 290 BC) who visited India in 3rd century BC said that India was ruled by 143 generations before his time. That list is actually in the Puranas (Hindu mythology). But British and the ‘jaundice eyed’ Indian scholars turned a blind eye to it. Marxist scholars were happy in interpreting Mahabharata and Ramayana as “class wars”!

Like the contradictions in Puranas regarding kings, Sumerian and Egyptian lists also had lots of contradictions, pre historical matters giving each Sumerian king 30,000 or 25000 years rule. But yet the scholars reconciled all those data and made one list. But Indians accepted a list only from Buddhist time leaving 2000 years before him in the dark. This is due to a brainwash.

Not only British did blackout a big historical period but also said there were big clashes between Aryans and Dravidians. This has no proof in Tamil or Sanskrit literature. They interpreted everything in that angle and made Indians believe it. Indians also believed that the “barbaric Aryans defeated the coward Dravidians who ran helter-skelter and hid themselves in hills. The civilized Dravidians ran up to the land’s end Kanyakumari and forgot all their brick buildings and started living in caves like primitives”. The foreign scholars knew the pulse of our people and they knew how they can brainwash us. They did brainwash our scholars and laymen. They told us that the Tamils came from the Mediterranean areas. Otherwise we would have asked our History teachers a lot of questions about 2500 BC to 600 BC. Otherwise our famous historians would have written a long list of kings. Since they were brainwashed, they never told us what happened in the Indus Valley or elsewhere in India for more than 1500 years.
A few foreign scholars like Pargiter did some research into Puranic king lists and even dated them. But they were rejected as fiction! Only now we find such data in Wikipedia, but not in history books.

1340 BC Vedic Inscription

Max Muller’s (1823-1900) blunder was exposed when they discovered an inscription with Vedic Gods names in the same order as we see them in the Rig Vedic Mantra! It was discovered in Bogaz Koy in Syria. They never included it in the text book or corrected Max Muller’s wrong date. They discovered ten letters written by Dasaratha to an Egyptian Pharaoh. They never included it in our text book. By the time we discovered all, Max Muller was dead (1900). They have discovered a Sanskrit manual for training horses which was dated-1400 BC. They never included this fact in the history book.

If Vedic Gods were in the Hittite treaty in Syria in 1400 BC, the Vedas must have existed long before this date. Otherwise they wouldn’t have quoted them in the same order in a treaty, as we see it in Rig Veda.

Sanskrit inscriptions in hundreds were discovered throughout South East Asia from second century AD. Hindus ruled S E Asian countries for 1300 years. They never said anything in our history books. Had a person like Sardar Patel or Netaji Subash Chandra Bose ruled India they would have re written the history of India and all these facts would have found a place.

Harijan leader and Father of Indian constitution BR Ambedkar, Swami Vivekannda, Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi and many others spoke against Aryan Dravidian divisions. There was not a word about it the text books. In short, no views that went against the old British view were included.

It is not too late to educate the ‘brainwashed’ Indians. We have to rewrite our History books. We have to include what the NASA scientists and Indian nuclear scientists have found about Saraswati River. We have to include Tilak’s view of the date of Rig Veda (6000 BC). We have to mention all the mysterious kings mentioned in the RV and the Vedic literature. There were hundreds of kings in the Vedic literature. Leave alone the Puranas and the epics.

Our children knew Shakespeare but not Kalidasa or Ilango. Our children knew Homer and Virgil but not Bhasa and Tamil poet Paranar. Our children knew Egyptian Pyramids and China’s Great Wall but not hundreds of Indian temple wonders. They knew more about Bible and Koran than Dhammapada or Upanishads. This is a shame on our scholars. At least one chapter or lesson must be added on all these subjects. Sanskrit and Tamil sources must be used to give them a bird’s eye view of our 2500 year old maritime trade. When we have found inscriptional evidence from 1400 BC in Syria for Vedic Gods we must have corrected the date of Vedas. Indian ‘scholars’ are still parroting Maxmuller’s date for the Vedas.

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