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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Statesmen -how they are different from petty political leaders

Even national election it does not matter at all.

The world will be a better place if leaders are not from the tribe of 'next election minding category'.

Position, post ,power all are meaningless if they are not used for actions which can contribute with lasting impact in some field, for some people , for benefit of posterity and humanity's evolutionary growth and development and so on.

The better it is for humanity if more such souls occupy higher positions and are impregnated with greater power.

Many scholars debated with Adi Shankara but his vision and intention was to unite all warring factions, feuds, flamboyant debaters under an umbrella of Sanathana Dharma with a mixed bag of rituals, logic, philosophy etc and therefore others’ impact and importance have been relegated to the back ground not because they were any less scholarly or saintly;

Swami Vivekananda's vision was to make the whole world know the great philosophy hidden in many scriptures in the idiom and language in which the Western scholars would understand it and as a result the philosophy of Sanathana Dharma is known to all [ incidentally to most Indians too because of that].

Both could have lived a very comfortable life of monk or a swamiji with all the great adulation and object veneration that others shower on them but instead used their power to translate their vision into a reality.

Everything about life, including life itself, is not so much about chronological longevity [which in any case cannot be stretched beyond a limit] but enhancing the intrinsic values and synderesical [synderesis] qualities.

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