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Friday, May 20, 2016

Institutions are important

You are correct institutions are more important than individual whims and fancies either for or against.
Issues and policy frameworks must be prioritized taking into consideration the exigencies and long term implications.
There is no point in resorting to blame game on any individual or for that matter even a single institution especially when it concerns the economy of a nation as vast as India with its multitude of operations and operators and everyone debating on everything as self proclaimed experts, though everyone is entitled to one's opinions on any issue or individual but before attacking anyone or any institution one must also visualize oneself in that situation and honestly interact with one's own consciousness as to what one would have done in similar situation with all the complications, complexities and compulsions.
We are not silent like what US of A did in the case of bail out of almost collapsing Citi Bank through TARP which the outside world hardly knew and to my surprise even many of the employees themselves did not know what it was and why it was done? Similarly even the big frauds of such banks are given a royal burial.

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