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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Politicians,business men better than media

All politicians are neither bad nor inefficient. Let us not generalize, what is wrong if they lead sports bodies?

At least educated people are expected to refrain from resorting to emotional populist reactions.

Sports persons need not necessarily be great administrators;

Bureaucrats need not necessarily be expected to be free of corruption;

All politicians need not necessarily be corrupt, criminal, ineffective, insincere. 

There are /have been many exceptions;

Institutional rules and frameworks must ensure proper administration, less corruption, less partiality, recognition of pure merit!

Advantage of politicians of all hues and colors is that some of them have a natural knack of decision making and administration because they can feel the pulse of situation much better-they only need to learn or be properly guided about the nitty-gritty of things/situations/issues and nuances of the domain;

All these are because politicians have wider contacts and connect because of their social activities and interactions at all levels and along with a clout, foot soldiers, faithful followers and besides politicians do not hesitate to wield power to get things done.

Many politicians are sincere are serious about whatever they do at least for the mileage that they derive out of it and incidentally some of them are educated and concerned about social welfare.

While politician bashing is always a preferred filler for all media because it always pleases some, media, especially main stream media, to be more precise most 24/7 news [nuisance] channels have to realize that social media is exposing all their lies, partiality, puerile priorities, putrefied projections , petrified prejudices, sensationalism seeking, their dubious designs, hidden agenda and arrogant anchor room arm chair struck verbal churning masquerading  as know-all and judge –all experts.

Business people who help feed so many families, politicians who help address many social issues are far better than many media persons who secrete only negativity, sensationalism, scandals and have forgotten positive news at all and many top bureaucrats who do many things just for promotions and perks

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