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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life's totality

I think it is over simplification of a highly complex [further complicated by our approaches] socio-economic life which must factor in various aspects rather than merely resorting to over generalizing it as a mere manipulation or adjustments of or juggling of financial aspects and spicing it with a few labels like free market, rich, poor, government, corporate nexus etc.
These types of powerfully and most commonly perceived /abused words to over simplify and over generalize something as big as socio-economic factor of human life is almost the tools used by all brain washing propaganda generated ideological outfits throughout human history and politics with an instinct  to presume human life as homogenous and intention to  homogenize.
This precisely prevents people from looking at multiple alternatives/unexplored option that may exist out there, newer horizons to help human economic conditions and an instinct to explore more possibilities and perceive with newer perspective.
Everything regarding  life undergoes constant churning and many things come out and ultimately evolution of life selects what suits best or  gets what it deserves.

While it may be interesting to know about dinosaurs and feel sad about their extinction it would be rank hypocrisy if anyone says he would love to have a dinosaur as a pet in his backyard. We need to prise open the clam shell of a preconceived notions, propaganda materials and observe life in its totality , in all its details with all its facets with intense totality and total intensity.

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