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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Music is mysterious

Why music has greater impact and almost transports one out of conscious realms

It is because music is mysterious and mystery is also musical.

Music is mysterious because it touches the chords of life through its multiple dimensions and the dynamics of its various dimensions.

The mystery of life is physically it is not merely confined to the body; mentally it is not confined to intellectual logic; consciously it is not confined to either socially, culturally or religiously defined boundaries of trends and taboos, morals etc - though all these inevitably influence and impact our life in many ways at different times with varying degrees of intensities and are therefore cannot be defied or denied.

However, the mystery of life is the energy which operates through vibrations and music is made of vibrations of sounds either with or without lyrics and if the spirit of   individual human being grasps or is in the grip of specific frequencies of these vibrations then they stir deeper in the individual than anything else.

Music does this mainly through sound patterns and structures evoking multiple sensations and feelings and also through the concomitant lyrics thereby by striking the chords at even sub-conscious levels.

Thus, mystery is also musical.

Ideas and thoughts do this only to the mind and consciousness.

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