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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gurus,reverence and technology

There are certain books that one must read before one dies.

They are

1. The Seven mysteries of Life by GUY Murchie, my God what a book.

2. A Brief history Of science as seen through the development of scientific instruments by Thomas Crump.

3. Krishna , the greatest avatar and the Vedas the Ultimate philosophy both by Osho.

 4. Conversations with God [ 3 volumes] by Neale Donald Walsch

5. Words, words, words and Story of English by David Crystal

6. Speeches and talks of J.krishnamurthy and Ramana maharishi .

7. There are some more like Rambles in Vedanta by Rajam Iyer [out of print ] and Autobiography of Yogi and Adventures with God by Rom Landu .

8. Human Destiny by Le Comte de Nuoy and many more.

The common factor in all these works is that it improves our perception about life by injecting a far wider view of all lives.
Number two mentioned above is the work I wanted to talk about in this context of technology stuff.
Leave alone computers and missiles and satellites, what could we have done to know about things without magnifying glass, microscope, telescope, X-ray etc.
Just imagine the impact they have had on humanity. When it is technology we take it for granted because once it is available as a product most of us are comfortable with the utility that it provides and it becomes a tool or medium and hence we do not bother about its worth or greatness.

We worship all Gods that we have never seen but do we salute the soul who has introduced the uses of electricity whenever we use electricity. No why? We are brought up as insensitive persons both intellectually and emotionally for which we cannot blame anyone or any social system.

But if we sincerely seek to listen and learn then serendipity will source us all that is required to enhance our sensitivity and senses through myriad means and all that we need to do is to learn to observe by shedding our prejudices, pre-conceived notions, inculcated indoctrinations, socio- cultural conditionings etc and keep our heart, head and soul open to allow the wisdom to enlighten us.

That way the most important GURUs are unprejudiced observation, unbiased listening and passion filled sincerity to learn to understand better.

All great saints and scholars who have had visions and who have provided humanity with great scientific and philosophical truths to improve life have all had those GURUS and none depicts this better than GURU DATTATRYEYA.

In our religion, the most vital aspect is the philosophical concepts that are embedded in each area but unfortunately, or who knows, perhaps correctly, they have all been masked by ritualistic worship to ensure everyone is at least aware of the great visions of our sages and ensure that the works of saints are not lost for want of better understanding [ as humanity is prone to have lot of souls with poor understanding or biased evaluations] or tangible utility [which is what many humans seek] etc
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