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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Love and all that matters in love

There are only perceptional and contextual variations in degrees and intensities; intentions and involvement; value systems, mental maturity, socio-cultural mores, biological and hormonal impacts; the frames of reference from various perspectives and inherent conditioning and indoctrination and so on.

All or any of these can alter the status of any or all of these ranging from lust to love and they allow a very wide spectrum of emotions in between, within or beyond them ranging from youthful romance to familiarity to spontaneous affection to socially and religious sanctioned and sanctified relationship to heartfelt personal intimacy of body, mind and spirit.

There is first a necessity to observe the whole gamut of any issue, more so address various aspects when it comes to emotions/feelings with psychological pinning without being judgmental or taking positions.

This can/may help us look into many more aspects of the issue.

Even my write up on Love started off more as a response to hypocritical reactions towards the very word and concept. It was the primary tone in which it began then as I waded through without inhibition I decided to write what is there in the link below.
Actually if we delve deeper we may have to address too many factors ranging from purely clinical to civilizational to cultural issues

About Love and Cultural bias

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