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Friday, May 20, 2016

Perspective matters more than intellectual abilities

Luck is…..

Nothing intellectual sir, what is intellectual and what is so great about it?

Mantra is simple we must look at everything and everyone without any preconceived notion or bias.

We must be aware that everything has multiple dimensions of which we may not be always aware of.

Besides, every dimension may have multiple inherent dynamics as well as dynamics emanating from specific circumstances.

Always remember that we all mostly do what we can do , what we want to do or what we are destined to do.

We must realize our inherent qualities /attributes both strengths and weaknesses and try our best to consciously acquire attitudes which prioritize humaneness and sociability over the rest.

Whatever we do we must make sure whether it enhances or gives pleasure to our body, mind and spirit/soul.

With all these in the background along with our acquired knowledge/experience for whatever they are worth and humility as the fine print we develop our perspective to understand life, then serendipity will shower us with blessing to perceive better.

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