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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What pulls down Indian economic development

well written and well said but there is also another where reforms are very much required that has not been covered in the following excellent book which I suggest all educated Indian youth must  buy and read 'Getting India back on track'.Get well informed and also educate others.

But the other area which needs a reform very badly is the media space. Track media nexus and nail their excess. Of late most news channels resort to divert the nation with irrelevant or silly issues.

There are two major forces which pull the nation down on various counts from progressing forward and it has become difficult to get rid of them either. They are NGO mafia and Media menace. NGO mafia is difficult to generalize in one sweep as totally bad because only 70% of them are anti-national and even then their contribution to the citizens is reasonably ok.

But in terms of negative impact and influence the media menace is really very dangerous and must be taken care of on a war footing by the government of India if it wants the nation to develop and progress as an economy.

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